Welcome to the website of Malcolm Southwood! This website presents the work of my lifetime!
Join me and experience one year with me, full of healing, love and joy.

I have summarized my knowledge gained in 30 years of healing on 10 DVDs. I will show you every detail; I won’t leave out a single trick.

I will send you a DVD – watch it, practice what you have seen with a friend and enjoy it! Then I will send you the next DVD and you will start again by watching… Invite a friend… practice… and enjoy… then you will receive the next DVD…

Thus, I will accompany you while you are learning and practicing.

Have a look on this page over the next few weeks and find out what awaits you. Trailers, booklets and excerpts from the DVDs will be published here. Look forward to it!

Do you have any questions? Then contact me using the contact form or write directly to


Malcolm Southwood