The Dynamics of intrusive Energies - part 2

Welcome to the sixth in the series of the 10 Healing Workshop DVDs.
In this you will see the beginnings of a new emphasis. One that is concerned with the effects that another‘s spiritual energies can have on our awareness.  How such energies can, if we are not aware, take over from our own rational thinking and because we are not aware, continue living a life through an awareness that is not completely our own.
This DVD goes into depth about the importance of balance in life and how the labyrinth, so long accepted as being able to change levels of awareness, is actually a symbol of the brain. The DVD explains how the Egyptians were fully aware of the significance of the labyrinth and used two dimensional representations to hide the secrets it holds.
The labyrinth is an important part of coming into various levels of balance through its full structure as a pyramid.
Once explained it is all so obvious that you will immediately be able to use the techniques demonstrated for yourselves, either alone or with friends. Balance in life is crucial for health and happiness. There are many balances within ourselves to consider such as male and female, negative and positive.
Dream interpretation is also explained, how the mind uses the universal language of symbols and avoids the use of meaningless abstract language. The mind is governed by the ever powerful subconscious and the energy of thought involves all the senses, especially colour. The meaning of colour is fully explained but this is not to be thought that colour will control the subconscious, colour is the vibrational energy of thought. Each emotion transmitting its own unique colour which changes as the thoughts change.

Also included in this DVD is an explanation of spiralling energy. How we can come into balance with the knowledge of spirals and the electric and magnetic powers they represent.
This is an important addition to your knowledge in the management of the emotions that would otherwise manage you.
Enjoy your interaction with this lesson.