The Dynamics of emotional Energies

You are about to become involved in one of the more important
aspects of unfulfilled health and happiness, emotional insecurity.
Everything from panic attacks to attitude problems, from pain to
eating disorders is likely to have their origins in a childhood trauma.
All it takes to cause a lifetime of suffering as an adult is a combination
of fear and guilt in the first 10 years of life.
This, the second in the series of my Healing Dynamics, goes into
depth explaining how the trauma first entered the sub-conscious
and then surfaced to cause undiagnosed problems. An incredibly
large proportion of today’s illness is psychosomatic. This second
DVD explains cause, effect and release in detail.
Some of the health problems demonstrated and treated in this
DVD are infertility, various phobias, continuous pain, allergies, prolonged
grieving, eating disorders.
The workshop begins by explaining how the sub-conscious works,
how to bring the cause of the problem to logical awareness; how
to easily overcome the memory blocks that normally prevent a
fast release of the problem. The detail for understanding how the
mind works and then recognition and release of the problem is too
detailed to all be put into this, the second DVD and continues onto
the third DVD next month. You will need to watch this Workshop
several times to become fully aware of the depth of what is being
Enjoy getting to know yourself.