The Dynamics of Intrusive Energy

In this workshop we examine the effect of energy transference between people and situations. How the energy of one can influence another to cause physical or emotional changes in their personality.
This clearly creates a need for protection from the influence of others and how to bring back into balance ones own energy and emotions. Maintaining or protecting emotional and physical balance is an important part of DVD 5.
The course explains how to bring about a release from the soul exchange caused by relationships; the dynamics of soul exchange and the effect it has on both parties and the often lingering negative effects of past relationships and how to become free of unwanted energies.
Other forms of energy exchange are discussed such as organ transplants, family and social interactions and there is also a section on the energy held in personal items and how that same energy can be transferred to others causing health problems.  The fascinating practice of reading the energy in personal items, some of which can go back many generations and the way that energy can  live again through someone wearing  it.  
Another important area in the workshop is an explanation of the relationship between what we think and what we say and what we say and what we do. It is explained that when thinking and saying are out of harmony it leads to emotional problems and when we act differently to what we say it leads to physical problems. Harmony from thought to action is so important for healthy mind and body.
Course 5 is the beginning of a broader understanding of our inter-connectedness with others and how to free or protect ourselves from that often unwanted influence. To get the best from the course watch and practice with friends or a partner. Your understanding of who you are and why you are is now reaching into new areas of awareness.
Have fun with your learning