The Dynamics of Soul Energie - Symbols

This workshop is more subtle than some of the previous ones. In physical reality we communicate mainly through speech. The problem with language is that it varies between people and countries.
In the world of higher awareness, communication is a thought process, speech, as we understand it, being totally unnecessary. Higher awareness communicates through a series of symbols which are as complicated as any spoken language. Dreams are mostly the language of symbols, but here is where it begins to become complicated. Dream symbols are usually a modern interpretation of thought. An example is the woman who dreamed of lots of little babies, she thought how ugly they all were. Then the babies began to fit into each other in the way that Russian dolls do. The meaning of the dream, she was seeing different aspects of herself that she didn‘t like.

Now we look at a thought symbol that comes through meditation or spiritual communication. You see a unicorn and wonder what it means. The interpretation will depend on the subject of the thought. It can mean innocence, which we understand by the colour, white, and the horn projecting from the place of the third eye. The spiralling hard horn indicates that the third eye is closed, a symbol of spiritual innocence in this situation. But it could mean refusal to see a truth. It all depends on the situation in which the symbol is used.
Then it gets more complex when the symbol is in less and sometimes more than the three-dimensional images we are used to. A labyrinth is a two-dimensional image of a three-dimensional pyramid. Now you need to know that the pyramid is the symbol of ... watch the DVD and see where this leads.