Spiritual Healing by Malcolm Southwood - Workshop 1


Spiritual healing, energy healing, and every other form of healing
depending on an unknown, unquantifiable force have, until recently,
been regarded with suspicion. Acceptance of the unknown
is not for the weak hearted, there is a fear of that which cannot
be explained or understood. Science has the same bias, but based
more on arrogance than fear. Science has a strange logic based on
‘if it can’t be measured, it can’t exist’ philosophy. Such was the scientific
view on the existence of bacteria and virus until the advent
of the microscope.
Religious and scientific prejudice against anything with the word
spiritual in it was exceptionally strong up to the middle of the
last century. Beliefs such as reincarnation and possession were
thought to be the worlds of the mentally disconnected. However,
over the past 50 to 60 years, things have slowly changed and I
have even been asked to put forward training sessions for psychiatrists
and other medical personnel, based on a logical explanation
of the dynamics which cause change in the physical, emotional
and spiritual well-being of those asking for help. I have lectured in
teaching hospitals and given courses on healing to medical groups
across Europe and America. Countries such as America and Britain
have always had a more open society in spiritual matters, and have
embraced the new spiritual awareness faster than central Europe,
which is still very much dominated by religious prejudice and the
vested interests of the pharmaceutical industry. Studies abound
to prove the value of prayer and positive thought between people
for the betterment of health and happiness. Healing with natural
energy has become one of the more acceptable forms of therapeutic
treatments for a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual
problems. But it is still little understood, causing a variety of explanations for the successes that often follow from its use, which of
course is one reason why science, in particular, avoids the subject.
In the early years, I had no idea why – when I put my hands over
someone – they would experience a feeling of relief. Sometimes
the relief was physical, sometimes emotional and sometimes an
awaking of the higher awareness senses. I was told I had ability,
a gift that was God-given and not available in everyone. I do
not accept that energies available to me are not also available to
others, and so I set about to understand and study what it was
that was happening through me. In my study into human nature
and the interaction between people, I was able to establish a form
of healing help that is based on understanding and logic. Much of
what I now accept as normal is also more often accepted by the
new generation of medical scientists.
As early as 1982, I was calling my new healing practice ‘Quantic
Healing’ on the basis that Quantic is a mathematical term for
the positive aspect of three variables: to my thinking, the variables
in life are body, mind and spirit. But the problem with giving
anything a name is that it is given borders which prevent it from
growing or changing, and I am learning and developing continuously
and, hopefully, still bringing to the surface of my mind
information and knowledge that lies deep in the well of my soul.
Therefore, the term Quantic Healing was dropped, and I trust that
anyone who watches this course on healing techniques and information
will accept that no course can ever be complete, and that
your own experiences might have led you to different conclusions.
This healing course has served me and thousands of others well
for over 30 years. Take from it what is meaningful and useful, and
move past that which you find difficult to accept. No one in the
world of healing or spiritual instruction has all the answers, but
– together – we have a greater truth. There is nothing new in the
world of awareness, just the forgotten.

The course is presented in three parts; physical, emotional and
spiritual and though they are taught and demonstrated separately,
they do of course in the final application of healing need to
be applied as an integrated whole. It’s just that, for the purpose of
teaching structure, they are taught as separate parts.
There is absolutely no reason why everyone should not achieve
the results that are demonstrated through this course. You do not
need special skills to be a healer; all that is required is the loving
concern to help another in need. The need can be with any age
group and include animals. Every mother who has ever nursed a
sick child, parent or loved one with love to remove pain or fear is a
healer. Exactly the same applies to every father, husband or child
with a will to help another in need. Healing is not the gift of the
few, it is a basic law of life that those with more can always help
those with less, if they have the will and love to do so and that love
applies to all areas of life.
Enjoy your viewing.
Malcolm Southwood.