The Dynamics of emotional Energies - part II

Welcome to the 10th and final workshop DVD. This intense and information packed workshop brings the series to a close with answers to questions any thinking human will have already asked themselves.
Questions such as why is life and its struggles so necessary and if there is a God surely He/She would not allow the hate, depravity, hunger to continue without coming to the help of those most in need. This course is very much about higher awareness and the different levels of consciousness. The workshop reaches far back to the beginnings of civilization to explain the purpose of the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the 42 laws which were more about living than dying. The workshop shows a direct connection between the Ten Commandments of Moses and the 42 laws of the Egyptians and how the Egyptians believed in the law of personal responsibility and Moses the law of obedience. 
This workshop also gives insight into the journey of the soul from the light, through the astral levels, where a cloak of emotion is attracted, into birth and life, then back to prepare for other lessons. It is emotion which limits the power of the spirit as it struggles to become master of its emotions and so regain its power through light and love. The spirit then again becomes master of its destiny through imagination and awareness.
This final workshop includes information about consciousness, what it is, and higher levels of awareness. Details on visualization and thought control, the purpose of life, how to have an out of body experience, the eight ancient rules you must know for acceptance as a channel for truth and more about Egyptian symbols, six questions you need to know when entering the astral world are all part of this DVD. This workshop is full of detail which you will find in no other spiritually attuned workshop.