The Dynamics of Instinct Energies

This, the forth in the series of 10 workshops has two main topics.  Both of major interest to the general health and well-being of body, mind and spirit. This workshop is primarily about birth. Our birth is the first, and arguably one of the greatest traumas we will encounter through life. Birth is one full of anxiety and anticipation. It is wrong to believe that the baby is without feeling or emotion. At birth the baby is full of a birthing energy which, if the birth is too fast is not fully utilised giving rise to many problems through childhood and into the adult years. If the birth is too slow the baby endures incredible trauma which is never forgotten and the fear of the ordeal will show itself as phobias or attitude in later life. The list of problems resulting from unnatural birth is fully documented in this part of the course together with a simple healing technique for releasing both trauma and unused birth energy.
The second main feature of the course is demonstrating techniques to help cancer sufferers with the emotions, fears, distress and the uncertainties they face for the future. The workshop shows how best to use the energy of healing love to remove the fear and shock which is always present in such circumstances. Unless both fear and shock are replaced by calm and a positive attitude the distress is likely to make it more difficult for the doctor’s therapies or surgery to be successful. Shock produces a negative energy at a time when the body needs all the positive, loving energy it can absorb.
Some of the causes of cancer are listed and while there are occasions when healing is known to have cured cancers it should never be assumed as a replacement for professional medical help. Healing is an aid to recovery together with other medical therapies. Healing is known to remove pain and return self-worth making recovery possible and should not be used as an argument to replace conventional medical help.
This workshop is intense and needs study and, with friends practice, before attempting to use the proven successful techniques with someone in need of experienced help.
Watch the complete DVD more than once before involving yourself with the practical techniques shown.
Always work with happiness in your heart. Happiness is healing power.