The Dynamics of spiritual Energies

This, the ninth DVD in the healing series, has reached the higher point of personal awareness. Unless you are fully able to spiritually know yourself it is impossible to fully understand the needs of another.
Knowing who you are and why, knowing your emotional strengths and weaknesses are all important to personal awareness and the growth of your own spiritual character.
This DVD gives practical instruction for monitoring your thoughts and learning how to control them so that you become a master not a servant, of that most important aspect of your life, yourself.
Through this DVD you will come to understand your basic strengths and weaknesses and how they are directly associated with the four basic elements of life; fire, air, water and earth. The DVD teaches how to use the four basic elements to balance your life physically, emotionally and spiritually. This part of the course gives in-depth knowledge on the ‘Laws of Attraction’ as they have never been described before.
You are shown the direct relationship between your character type and the energies as they apply to you and how to maximise on your personality to the benefit of attracting that which is necessary in your life.
Have you ever wondered why the many books on the laws of attraction never work for you? It is because the information has not accounted for the different character types or basic life energies of individuals. This DVD attempts to correct this oversight so that you can become a master of your own fate and happiness. To fully understand your psychic strengths this section of the course explains why 80% of our brain capacity is apparently dormant and how you can become spiritually active through this dormant spiritual inactivity.
Besides a full and detailed explanation on the Laws of Attraction the DVD explains the art of visualisation, how to monitor thought control and how to make a power wish. It gives a detailed explanation of the reasons for life from recognising your survival drive to using your imagination to achieve your needs.
This DVD explains that you cannot move into energy you have not become equal to in your thoughts. You cannot move to the light until you are yourself the light. This DVD explains the dynamics that make it possible to be one with the light.