The Dynamics of Soul Energies

Welcome to the seventh DVD, the fifth workshop. By now you will have realised how important are the thoughts you allow yourself to have. Your thoughts are who you become and how you present yourself to the world, thoughts that determine both health and happiness.
It is important to remember that your thoughts directly affect your health. Your body reacts with physical responses to the thoughts you have. If you think one thing but say or do something different you cause confusion in the activity of the mind. Few people realise that when they have thoughts to say something the body prepares itself to action the thoughts through speech. If the words spoken do not follow the thought a breakdown begins in the emotional balance of the mind. To constantly be thinking one thing but saying something different is emotionally stressful. It is better to say nothing than to let your words be out of balance with what you think.
It is exactly the same when you think one thing then do something else. This puts enormous stress on the psychological balance between thinking and doing and can often result in some form of physical breakdown. Multiple sclerosis is a typical example as discussed in an earlier part of the course.  Burnout is another of the problems associated with internal conflict.
If someone was to say “you must” or “you must not”, you would tend to resist, be annoyed. If someone pushed you, you would resist by tightening every muscle in the body to resist. So what do you think would happen if you keep saying to yourself “I must” or “I must not”. At a deeper sub-conscious level you resist your own thinking. It takes incredible energy to be in conflict with you. The more you think “I must do this or that” the greater the inner conflict becomes and energies of the body get burned up in resisting your own thoughts. If the result is not burnout, which is an extreme example, you would be sure to have less energy than thinking “I will” in preference to “I must”.
This is the part of the course where we move away from the more conventional forms of hands-on healing and into other aspects of our spiritual selves. We look at the spiritual depth of what has caused us to be who we are. How past lives may not be what they seem to be but the sub-conscious dressing up an earlier forgotten, guilty action or thought as a past life to avoid responsibility for it in this life.
This part of the course is about understanding how the mind and spirit work together to avoid ill health issues and how the past lives of others can impact our own health and happiness. 
Enjoy and have fun learning more about yourselves.